Conatural : Saffron Complexion Builder

SAFFRON Complexion Builder – firming and brightening face gel

Saffron is a well-known spice used in cooking and for beauty treatment. Saffron is an excellent skin toning agent also used for a radiant, glowing skin and Keeps the skin hydrated.


This amazing product by CONATURAL is absolutely FREE from Parabens, Triclosans, Sulphates, Phthalates, SLS, PPD, Petroleum Jelly and Silicones. 

Its contains pure saffron and Indian madder which is all natural and organic stuff. It has been 3 weeks since i started using it and Trust me the results are beyond amazing. my skin feels so fresh and light. I would definately recomend this It surely is Worth your Money for a fresh glowing natural beauty look. And how can i not mention the pleasing fragrance it has ( can help you survive when you’re completely exhausted ), the moment i unboxed my parcel God! i was so flattered the packaging is so beautiful and eye catching.


Suitable for age 18 and above.

♥ Can be used morning and evening. ( personally let it sit over night for better results )

♥ Can also be used prior to applying a moisturiser if skin is dry.

♥ For normal to oily skin.

♥ For only 1,450.00 PKR.

♥ Pleasing fragrance.

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