Look Of The Day


Hey Glitter Clitters !

For my First LOTD i decided to go with this amazing look, i rocked on my brother in law s birthday party !

First Things First!! Always Prep Your Skin. Want a flawless outcome? get a clean canvas first !

*Clean Your Skin
*Exfoliate Your Skin
*Moisturize Your Skin
*Prime Your Skin

~ Lets Get Started!

1.| Foundation |

To start of the look i used Fair & Lovely BB Cream . I love how its gives my skin instant fair and matte make-up finish look.file.jpeg

2.| Concealer |

For the concealer i used LA Girl Pro Concealer, Creamy Beige


3.| Contour |

For the contour i used NYX Wonder Stick Highlight Contour in Medium.


4.| Eyeshadow |

I used urban decay naked 4 eyeshadow palette


5.| Blush |

I used NYX Powder Blush Peach

download (1)

6.| Lipstick |

For the lips i used BOB general agent in no. 06

file (1).jpeg

7.| EyeBrows |

I used Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil to fill in my Brows.

file (2).jpeg

8.| Mascara |

for the mascara i used Maybelline The Rocket Volume

file (3).jpeg

9. | HighLighter |

And my favourite part ! i used Autograph Pure Luxe Highlighter ” Golden Rose”


10.| Eyeliner |

I used Maybelline Masterprecise. i absolutely love this eyeliner.


11.| Eyelashes |

For the eyelashes i  used Ardell Lashes in 600.

AND ITS A WRAP! Hope you guys loved the idea. Do let me know in the comments down below.

Loveya xo
Cha. Cha..!



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