DrugStore Lipssticks

13690815_1781298375435861_939616370825809239_n.jpg*TING TING*
We, as girls love saving money and nothing gives us more of a satisfaction than scoring an amazing lip colour without spending fortune.
So I’ll be sharing some drug store lipsticks with you! Which will help you improve your look and trim your budget at the same time. ūüíĄ
TBVH i love all the colours and I believe we should always keep on trying on the nee stuff. Like trust me I go from nudes to purple in no time!

| Best for Summer |


1.* BOB general acent 06 * Love this nude creamy color it gives a frosty finish and makes your look all classy in no time.

2. * BOB general acent 11 * It is a dusty rose colour, the one with a glossy finish! Leaves your lips pretty moisturized and hydrated.

3. * REVLON trickled pink 100 * It is a moisturous lipcolour and a beautiful pink color. The texture is glossy and moisturizes the lips as well. It has a glossy finish and is highly pigmented.

| Lets Go Bold |


  1. * MEDORA windsor MATTE 224 * I absolutely love this color, its more of a statement color and changes your entire look when you apply it. Its pretty smooth while applying and long lasting as well!
  2. * MEDORA desert brown MATTE 232 *  The finish is pure matte. Keeps the lips hydrated at the same time. What surprised me the most was the pigmentation. It is way better than a few of the high end lipsticks.
  3. *¬†MEDORA full fuchsia¬†MATTE 556 * Ah this is my personal favourite colour. Medora lipsticks never fail to satistfy me.¬†The finish is pure matte. Keeps the lips hydrated at the same time. As the above ones !That’s it for now. Do let me know if you want more of drugstore makeup. Loveya xo
    Chaa.. Chaa.!

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