RAYA VISAGE – Hand-Crafted botanical skin care

RAYA VISAGE { read: Gorgeous Face } is a Hand-Crafted botanical skin care aspiring company ! They provide Freshly made , Cruelty free 100 % Organic Products. I am all about organic skincare products! A little back story about my acne journey.. I had a really bad skin in my high school days , a huge... Continue Reading →


Makeup Revolution – Golden Sugar

ULTRA Blush Palette GOLDEN SUGAR is perfect for the professional application desired by all of us. The ULTIMATE blush palette offering you 8 shades { bronzers, merged blushers, baked bronzer and 2 merged baked highlighters } in 1 to suit any occasion! I must admit, when I saw this I was ridiculously excited. All the shades are so beautiful... Continue Reading →

Blood Orange by R

Look what Finally came in the mail Today! i had been hearing a lot great reviews of Comfy Loungewear– Sleep In Style With Blood Orange By R  Here's my side of the story.... Okay so after all the hearing and stalking i got a chance to order these LUXE VELVET LOUNGWEAR I ordered 2 of... Continue Reading →

Makeup Essentials For Summer

When summertime rolls around, having racoon eyes and sun parched skin is totally normal. It’s important to adjust your beauty routine as the temperature starts to rise. In order to help your makeup to stay on all day – even in the hot and stickiest of weather, here are a few makeup essentials that every... Continue Reading →

5 Classic Red Lipsticks

For every dull day, there's a red lipstick to cheer you up ! 💋 Today , I have listed top 5 Classic Red Lipsticks for you guys x Startng with the most famous red lipstick of them all.. MAC MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo MAC's much-loved Ruby Woo is extra matt, extra red and lasts the whole night... Continue Reading →

Look Of The Day

Hey Glitter Clitters ! For my First LOTD i decided to go with this amazing look, i rocked on my brother in law s birthday party ! First Things First!! Always Prep Your Skin. Want a flawless outcome? get a clean canvas first ! *Clean Your Skin *Exfoliate Your Skin *Moisturize Your Skin *Prime Your Skin... Continue Reading →

DrugStore Lipssticks

*TING TING* We, as girls love saving money and nothing gives us more of a satisfaction than scoring an amazing lip colour without spending fortune. So I'll be sharing some drug store lipsticks with you! Which will help you improve your look and trim your budget at the same time. 💄 TBVH i love all... Continue Reading →

Hey Fluffer Nutters!

This blog is run by Saarah Qureshi from lahore,Pakistan. Born in Dubai,UAE. I am here to write about something positive and definitely more interesting , the greatest loves of my life which is FASHION. I’ll be doing a lot of product reviews, ootd’s, makeup and hair tutorials so keep checking the blog to stay updated! xo

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